The car

The car used in ELMS is a McLaren MP4-12C GT. First vehicle used in competition by McLaren since the F1 GTR. This exceptional supercar turns into a real racing car on its GT version. It dresses with a new bodywork kit with carbon elements, and replaces its air brake spoiler with a fixed wing.
Developed by McLaren Group Racing Department, the GT version is endowed with a 6 speed gearbox of measurement (80kg lighter than the road version) and a led steering wheel identical to the F1 MP4-24.



  • Monocoque carbon (75kg)
  • Weight: 1300kg (without driver)
  • Aerodynamics carbon kit


  • Architecture: V8, 90°
  • Engine: 3,8L
  • Position: rear longitudinal central
  • Power: 493Ch (limited)
  • Supercharging: bi-turbo
  • Transmission: propulsion


  • Semi sequential custom 6 speed
  • Paddle shift on steering wheel

Tyres :

  • Michelin