Founded in 1996 and specializing in motor sport, ASM finished in the top 3 as early as its debut in the French Formula 3 championship back in 1997. The team clinched the title one year later and won the Masters of Zandvoort. In 2002 they dominated the discipline in their local challenge and became well known internationally with two victories in the prestigious Grand Prix in Macao and Korea.

The following year, the German and French series’ merged their efforts and the F3 Euro Series was born with ASM’s success intensifying as a result. Undefeated in team and driver championships between 2004 and 2009, the French squad helped some of the greatest new talents to flourish in motorsport.

Founded in the winter of 2004/2005, the ART Grand Prix team was built on the solid foundations of the ASM F3 team, the two structures being under the same roof and working with the same personnel. After their strong performances and records in French F3 and the F3 Euro Series, the team, based in the French Department of the Yonne, decided to continue its rise in the world of International Motorsports by creating a structure dedicated to the GP2 Championship, a series which replaced F3000 in 2005, as the curtain rise on the European F1 Grand Prix season.

ART Grand Prix is the result of the meeting of two men: Frédéric Vasseur and Nicolas Todt, whose complementary abilities guaranteed the best possible management of the team, day in, day out. Frédéric Vasseur is in charge of the team and the factory on the ground, while Nicolas Todt runs the commercial and marketing side of the organization.

The first season of ART Grand Prix in GP2 has been concluded by two titles and showed the talent, the professionalism and the determination of each member of the team. 2006 has reinforced the basis and has been a platform for 2007 and 2 new projects: the merger between ASM and ART Grand Prix as one team and the arrival of Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa in the capital of the team.

In August 2010, Rafael Sportelli, shareholder of the Brazilian automotive parts AETHRA, joined ART Grand Prix capital.

A few weeks later, ART Grand Prix signed an agreement with Lotus cars to give birth to Lotus ART for the 2011 and 2012 GP2 & GP3 Series seasons.

At the end of 2010, ART Grand Prix has decided to stop its activity in Formula 3 in order to focus on new projects and take up new challenges.

ART Grand Prix plays a great role in driver training and promotion of the young drivers. As a matter of fact, the team has worked with several great drivers who are now at the top of the motorsport world: Sebastian Vettel (F1), Lewis Hamilton (F1), Nico Rosberg (F1), Nico Hülkenberg (F1), Jules Bianchi (F1), Valtteri Bottas (F1), Charles Leclerc (F1), Sergey Sirotkin (F1), Paul Di Resta (F1), Alexandre Prémat (V8 Supercar), Jamie Green (DTM)…


Today, ART Grand Prix is involved in :

  • Karting (Birel ART)
  • Formula Renault 2.0 (ART Junior Team)
  • GP3 Series
  • FIA F2 Championship


Creation of the ASM F3 team by Frédéric Vasseur.


ASM, then, ART Grand Prix dominates the F3 Euroseries.


Frédéric Vasseur et Nicolas Todt create the ART Grand Prix GP2 team.


ART Grand Prix wins the team and drivers titles in the first two seasons of the GP2 Series (Nico Rosberg & Lewis Hamilton).

2005 & 2006

ASM F3 and ART Grand Prix merge.

Early 2007

Arrival of Sheikh bin Hamad Al-Khalifa in the capital of the team.


The team clinches many titles in F3 Euroseries and GP2 Series.

2007 - 2009

The team joins the new GP3 Series and wins the team and driver championships.


Rafael Sporteli, shareholder of the Brazilian automotive parts Aethra, joins ART Grand Prix capital.

August 2010

For two seasons, ART Grand Prix will race under the Lotus GP colors in GP2 and GP3 Series.


Nicolas Todt and Armando Filini create the karting division of ART Grand Prix.

Mid 2011

A GT racing program is launched with a McLaren MP4-12C.

Early 2012

The winter cup is the first race of the ART Grand Prix karting factory team.

February 2012

ART GP is back on track with its historical colors (White, Red, Black) in GP3 and GP2.


ART GP enters the DTM Championship alongside Mercedes

Early 2015
ART Grand Prix wins both team and driver titles in GP2 and GP3 Series (Stoffel Vandoorne & Esteban Ocon)

ART claims GP3 Team and Driver titles with Charles Leclerc


ART Grand Prix takes GP3 Team & Driver crowns with George Russell and finishes 1-2-3-4 in drivers’ standing.